Items Currently Under Review

  • LCPS staff must login to this Blackboard web site to gain access to review items.  Once logged in, you'll see a menu item for items currently under review to the left.  You'll also need to then login to your LCPS Google account.

    Each review cycle has multiple review committees and review windows to gradually narrow potential materials and arrive at final recommendations.

    Generally each adoption cycle will include the following:

    • Administrative review of RFPs
    • Subject area staff reviews
    • Invited publisher presentations
    • Review committees which include community members
    • Digital interface reviews & technical compatibility reviews
    • School level reviews
    • Final recommendations available for public review and comment

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    Review committee members can access review resources in the drop-down menu to the left (access limited to committee members).
    Once final recommendations are available for public review & comment, they can be accessed from the menu to the left.

    Each subject area review committee will develop their own criteria for reviews, but generally speaking resources will be evaluated for how well they address the following:

Last Modified on March 8, 2021