Our LCPS journey toward excellence in equity is one of shared accountability in the creation of strong equitable practices infused into the work of every department.  Please explore the links below to learn more about how we own the work of equity across through various departments and programs.

    Department of Equity

    ●   Contact: Lottie Spurlock, Director of Equity

    ●   Website: Ms. Spurlock's Biography

       Contact, Traci Townsend, Ed.D., Supervisor of Equity


    Department of Instruction


    Office of Teaching and Learning

    ●     Contact: Neil Slevin, Director of Teaching & Learning

    ●     Contact: Jessica Harding, Supervisor of Equity and Culturally Responsive Instruction

    ●     Contact: Cynthia Lewis, Equity and Culturally Responsive Instruction Specialist

    ●     Website: Office of Teaching & Learning

    ●    The Division of Teaching and Learning is organized into several offices that are designed to provide leadership and support to schools and classrooms in achieving the mission of Loudoun County Public Schools. The Division of Teaching and Learning is responsible for the administration and coordination of several content areas to ensure that all instructional programs support the mission of LCPS and provide equitable and culturally responsive instruction to all students.


    Office of School Administration

    ●     Contact: Doug Fulton, Ed.D., Director of School Administration

    ●     Website: Office of School Administration

    ●     The Office of School Administration builds capacity with principals, assistant principals and deans by facilitating effective communication, reducing complaints, and supporting a positive learning environment for students, staff, parents and community. The Office of School Administration plays an important role in the disciplinary practices of Loudoun County Public Schools, and provides resources such as the Students Rights & Responsibilities and the Student Discipline Guidelines.




    Department of Pupil Services

    Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS)

    ○     Contact: Stefanie LaPolla, Supervisor of Multi-Tiered System of Supports

    ○     Webpage: LCPS MTSS

    ○     Description: MTSS is an integrated system of academic, behavioral, and social-emotional instructional practices to support needs of all students and increase equitable learning experiences.  This “whole child” prevention approach addresses the academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs through the related approaches of Response to Intervention (RTI), Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), and school mental health.


    Specialized instruction (math and reading):

    ○     Contact: Beth Robinson, Assistant Director, Special Education

    ○     Webpages:

          ■    LCPS Dyslexia Awareness

          ■    LCPS MTSS Response to Intervention

          ■    LCPS MTSS Social-Emotional Learning

    ○     Description: Equitable access to effective instruction within the general education setting for students with disabilities in a priority in LCPS programs for specialized reading, specialized math and social-emotional learning. The Department of Pupil Services works collaboratively with the Department of Instruction to provide ongoing training to special education and general education teachers so that they may be better equipped to provide targeted reading and math instruction.



    ○     Contact:  Sarah Eaton, Supervisor of Outreach Services

    ○     Webpage: LCPS Outreach Services

    ○     Description:  The Office of Outreach Services provides Parent Liaisons at each school who work collaboratively to ensure parents are welcomed, informed, assisted, and connected to school resources.  The Office of Outreach Services also provides language assistance services to LCPS families for communication at school, parent-teacher conferences, Child Study meetings, and IEP meetings.  Interpreters also support information sessions about LCPS programs, initiatives, and committee meetings.  Language Assistance can be accessed by contacting your school team or Outreach Services directly.


    Restorative Practices

    ○     Contact: Jennifer Wall, Supervisor for Student Assistance Services

    ○     Webpage: LCPS Student Assistant Services

    ○     Description: LCPS Restorative Practices offers a continuum of services to promote a safe and inclusive environment for all students.  Restorative language helps children and teens understand how their behavior affects and impacts others while discouraging harmful behavior. Circles create a culture of belonging and help build community and connection. Restorative conferencing provides an opportunity and process for students and families to resolve conflict and repair harm that has occurred.  The goals of restorative conference is having students take responsibility for their behaviors by addressing those they have harmed, allowing every student who is harmed to have a voice, and giving students the opportunity to learn from the process without having their education interrupted.


    Positive Experiences in Educational Relationships (PEER)

    ○     Contact: Jennifer Wall, Supervisor for Student Assistance Services

    ○     Webpage: LCPS PEER

    ○     Description: As positive role models, peer helpers develop and implement education and awareness programs which address issues facing today’s secondary students.  Through prevention and intervention approaches, the PEER program functions as a supplemental resource for increasing overall effectiveness of student services within the secondary school setting.  PEER helpers have ongoing supervision and are trained to immediately report any “high-risk” or life-threatening information to their adult supervisors.  The PEER program supports every child’s voice so they can access their education in a safe and welcoming culture of inclusion.


    Department of Digital Innovation

    Digital Equity

     ●    Individual Learning Devices – The Department of Digital Innovation enables Loudoun County students, grades three through twelve, to connect and collaborate with the world by providing individual learning devices. Individual learning devices allow all students to access digital tools, resources, and information from anywhere at any time; increasing learning opportunities and enabling students to improve the quality and amplify the impact of their work.

    ●     ParentVUE – The DDI Enterprise Support & Analytics team continues to promote the use of ParentVUE through various school and district events. Those events include identifying LCPS and public wifi access points, creating email accounts for families, offering translators and interpreters at these events, and demonstrating the numerous features for families through this tool. There are now 12 schools with fewer than 75% of their families using ParentVUE.

    ●     Qlik – The DDI Data Science team continues to develop a data analytics practice for LCPS has resulted in the creation of visualizations including opportunities to close the equity gaps, data literacy curriculum and timely and accurate data.

    ●     Blackboard – LCPS upgraded the website to ensure easy access to information in an accessible manner, supported by every browser type, with responsive and accessible design. Translations in every language are available, as are quick links to important contacts, and embedded multimedia with closed captioning. The mass notifications features include text messaging and immediate updates to social media tools for families who prefer those methods of communication.

    ●     Dark Fiber to all LCPS schools –  Currently, different LCPS schools have different data network configurations based on location, level, and size.  The new network will ensure that all LCPS students have equal access to learning content including streaming and cloud services.

    ●     1 Million Project – The 1 Million Project delivers free mobile hotspots to qualifying high school students to help close the digital equity and homework gap.  LCPS is piloting this solution at 1 high school in the 2019-2020 school year with the goal of establishing appropriate process and procedures to expand the offering to all LCPS high schools in the 2020-2021 school year.  50 mobile hot spots have already been received and will be distributed to students shortly.

    ●     Kajeet Project – LCPS is piloting the use of Kajeet mobile hot spots to provide elementary and middle school students with home internet access.  The district has already identified students would could benefit from the program and devices will be distributed in the fall time frame.


    Department of Human Resources and Talent Development

    Department of Human Resources and Talent Development

    ●    Contacts: Laura Collins, Supervisor of Recruiting; Jonathan Mandina, Diversity Recruiter

    ●    Webpage: LCPS Careers

    ●    Description: HRTD is committed to developing and refining recruiting, hiring and retention strategies to sustain a diverse, high-performing team of professionals focused on the mission and goals of LCPS.  Strategies include recruiting earlier than past years at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) who graduate a large number of teacher candidates, hosting a Diversity Experience weekend, expansion of the Diversity Recruitment Champions Network (DRCN) and the continuation of mitigating unconscious bias training for hiring managers for the fourth consecutive year.
Last Modified on May 17, 2021