Once a Banneker Bards, always a Banneker Bard 



       It is with a heavy heart that I must say the 8-year tradition of making music with the Banneker Bards is currently suspended due to COVID.  Safety guidelines from the state, LCPS, and the National Association of Music Education recognize that safe singing can only occur with 10 feet of space between each musician.  Instruments also must be properly sanitized before and after use.  It is my hope that we can restart the Banneker Bards with a fresh new perspective once things are safe and bring back the love for music in our community.  In the meantime, we remember the many amazing Bards experiences over the years including leading sing-alongs, performing in Middleburg, and even composing music live in front of an audience.  
    Stay safe, and stay musical.
Last Modified on December 4, 2020