Hybrid Information Session

  • Due to the possible large amount of attendees in addition to the need to share a great deal of important information, the following format will be implemented to provide an effective and productive presentation.

    • The presentation will be live streamed to participants to view.
    • Community questions will be answered in the second half of the presentation.
    • The recorded presentation will be placed on the Brambleton Middle School website.
    • There will be an FAQ on our website with questions and answers for reference as well.


Hybrid Information

  • Return to School 2020

  • Parent/Guardian Survey

  • Concurrent Hybrid Learning & 100% Distance Learning

  • What will concurrent teaching look like?

  • Accommodating 2nd Semester Preferences

  • Secondary Classroom Capacity

  • What safety measures will be in place?

  • Where will students eat lunch?

  • What about passing time between classes?

  • What about restroom use?

  • What about transportation to and from school?

  • Extracurricular Activities

  • Athletics

  • Quarantines and Isolations

  • Stage 4 Hybrid In-person Learning Decision-making Timeline

General Questions

  • What safety precautions will be taken during this time?

  • What will the hybrid model look like for your student?

  • Will my child's schedule change and what days will they attend in person learning?

  • What does a school day look like for all 3 groups and how do we ensure equitable instruction?

  • How does this impact my student’s schedule?

Concurrent Teaching

  • What does Concurrent Teaching look like?

  • How will students be graded?

  • How will my student have equitable access?

  • How will concurrent teaching impact my student’s schedule?


  • What can I expect regarding COVID-19 protocols?

  • What are some of the specific Health Mitigations at Brambleton?

  • How do we ensure Health Mitigation supports are honored?

  • How can students safely participate in the Fine Arts & PE?

  • What are the Division supports for safety in schools?

Hybrid FAQ

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Last Modified on November 20, 2020