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    The Yearbook Staff Needs Your Help! 

    We’re looking for your first day of school pictures (or any school appropriate pictures) that you would like to share. 

    Are you wondering how to share them?  Here is the answer!

    Share school appropriate photos via a “Community Upload” from your computer or you can download the free “Yearbook Snap” app from the Apps Store.  Please note that pictures submitted are not guaranteed a spot in the yearbook.

     Option 1: Upload photos from your computer

    1. Go to yearbookforever.com (Click Here)    
    2. Type/Select: Blue Ridge Middle School - Purcellville, VA
    3. Click: “Shop the Store”
    4. Click: “Community Upload” (Located at the top of the page)
    5. Enter Access Code: BRMSBulldogStrong (code is case sensitive!)
    6. Upload: picture(s) and then pick a category
    7. Type: your first and last name and your email address
    8. Click on the box to certify: “I have the right to distribute these photos and that they do not violate the Terms of Use” and then
    9. Click: “Submit Photos”

    Option 2: Share school appropriate photos via phone app. 

    1. Go to the Apps Store and download the free “Yearbook Snap”
    2. Open: Yearbook Snap app
    3. Type/Select: Blue Ridge Middle School -Purcellville, VA
    4. Enter Access Code: BRMSBulldogStrong (code is case sensitive!)
    5. Click: “Blue Ridge Middle School Select Photos”
    6. Select: a “Category”
    7. Allow: “Yearbook Snap” to have access to your photos
    8. Select: Photos you want to upload (maximum of 5 per upload)
    9. Select: Picture(s) and Pick a Category
    10. Click: “Upload”
    11. Type: First and Last Name and your Email Address
    12. Click the box to certify: “By submitting, I certify that I have the right to distribute these photos and that they do not violate the Terms of Use” 
    13. Click: “Submit photos”


    Please remember that any photos submitted are NOT guaranteed to be included in the school yearbook.  If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Hite via email at Sandra.Hite@lcps.org

Last Modified on November 13, 2020