• Frequently Asked Questions by Seniors


    About the Common App

    You will need some information to complete the Education portion.

    Q: What is the Counselor’s job title? (Current or Most Recent School tab)

    A: “School Counselor” Be sure to spell your Counselor’s name and email address correctly!


    Q: Is college/university course taken in high school an AP class? (College & Universities)

    A: No. However, Dual Enrollment is a college/university course. You will be putting all Dual Enrollment classes taken since 9th grade here (Ex. DE Physics, DE English 12, and etc.). If you have taken DE classes at RRHS under College Lookup you will need to reflect the address of that institution. For example, if you are taking classes that were DE with RBC, under College Lookup you will put in: Richard Bland College

    *For the course details: Course taught on secondary/high school campus (excluding AP/IB) (*Extra information: LCPS schools start in August and ends in June)


    Q: What is my class rank? (Grades tab)

    A: Check your transcript. It’s available in the bottom left corner (Class Size is also reflected).


    Q: What is the LCPS GPA scale? Is it weighted? (Grades tab)

    A: GPA scale is out of 4.0 and GPA is weighted.


    Q: What is LCPS course scheduling system? (Current or Most Recent Year Courses tab)

    A: We use Semester course scheduling system. Not quarter.