• CML Meet #5 Final Results 

    Congratulations to the following students!!

    First and second place winners will receive a medal with lanyard. All students listed will receive a placement ribbon and certificate. These will be awarded when school resumes.


    6th Grade - 30 points possible 

    Norah McCormick and Gavin Kearney - 19 Points

    Caleb Nicholson and Amelia Haws - 16 points 

    Honorable Mention: Julia Mendez, Katie Marsh, Abigail Winn, Tai Dinh, Jolyon White, Corbin Burdette  


    7th Grade - 30 points possible 

    Max Riley- 29 points 

    Ryan Mock - 23 points   

    Jessica Woerner, Isabelle Hinkle, Olivia Phipps  - 18 points 

    Honorable Mention: Rebecca Alvarez, David Bailey, Mayleen Hyett, Daniel Leskiv, Hayden Patel, Ted Lantow, Austin Jacomet


     8th Grade - 30 points possible 

    Kaiden Bui - 24 Points

    Danny Pack - 19

    Victoria Collins - 18

    Honorable Mention: Clarice Hartman, Sara Mansfield, Sam Nixon, Lauren MacDonnell, Nestor Reyes,

    William Atherton