One To the World

  • Consider a One to the World initiative. Rather than labeling connectivity initiatives as 1:1 or Bring-Your-Own-Technology initiatives, consider framing them as One to the World. 
    By connecting students globally, One to the World would improve the quality and amplify the impact of the work of students as they master the content and competencies of the curriculum. 

    One to the World is an instructional initiative that addresses what an LCPS graduate should know and be able to do.  This instructional approach focuses on significant content and important competencies and the joy of teaching and learning. We aim to engage students in learning experiences that exhibit the four key elements of the One to the World instructional framework (significant content & competencies; authentic challenging problems in the world; public product for the world; connected with the world)

    Through One to the World, LCPS leverages technology with a clear vision for how it can support teaching and learning in Loudoun County Public Schools.

Last Modified on October 6, 2020