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    German Club

    Who is the club sponsor?
    Mrs. Suchanek is the sponsor. Mrs. Suchanek teaches German here at Indy and can be found in room 835 on A days.  
    Where does the club meet?
    We will meet in room 835.
    When does the club meet?
    The club meets once a month. 
    How can I join?
    Send Mrs. Suchanek an email at ulrike.suchanek@lcps.org and she will add you to the Schoology group.
    Do I need to be able to speak German?
    No! Newbies are totally welcome.
    What do we do in German Club?
    We talk about German countries and their culture. We will celebrate German holidays, make German crafts, cook German food, listen to German music, and have German movie discussions.
    Is there a Schoology Group associated with this club?
    Yes, there is! The group is called IHS German National Honors Society/German Club. The group code is M3VC-7CBK-93J8W