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    2023 Schedule

    How to:

    register for my AP exam 

    Join AP Classroom

    Make an AP Exam decision

    Get your AP Join Code from your AP Teacher

    Use the Join Code to Join AP Classroom DIRECTIONS

    Change your Order Exam Indicator from "undecided" to YES or NO Directions

    Make an AP Exam decision in your college board account by November 4

    Registration DEADLINE

    November 4!

    The LCPS registration deadline for committing to a spring 2023 AP test is  November 4.  Students who register for a test but do not take it will be charged a $40 unused test fee. LCPS does not pay College Board Fees.These fees are the responsibility of the student/parent/guardian.

    Double Check!

    *Academies students*- double check your location WHS or the Academies.

    Paying for Exams

    In the fall of 2021, the Loudoun County School Board decided to pay for the cost of up to 4 Advanced Placement (AP) tests, per student, for the tenure of the student’s enrollment in an LCPS high school. The School Board is not covering the cost of associated AP test fees, such as test cancellation, or unused test fees. These fees are the responsibility of the student/parent/guardian. If your student has already taken 4 AP Tests, payment will be required. For the 2022-2023 school year, all exams are $88, with the exception of AP Seminar and AP Research, which are $136.



    Unused Test 

    If your student decides to cancel a test after November 4, there will be a $40 Cancellation Fee.

    If your student does not show up to take an AP Test in May, there will be a $40 Unused Test Fee.

     LCPS does not pay College Board Fees. These fees are the responsibility of the student/parent/guardian.

    If you drop an 

    AP Class..steps you need to complete

    If a student drops an AP Class, it is the student's responsibility to unregister for the AP Exam. If the class is dropped after the November 4 deadline, a $40 Cancellation Fee will still apply. 

      Subjects with Digital Test Option

    ** only available in specific courses

    Decision must be made by Friday, November 4th.  

    The digital exams are full length, proctored exams, administered on the same day/time as corresponding paper exams. Students will have the option to decide which format they would like to take and will need to fill out a Google Form provided by their AP Teacher by Friday, November 4. More information about the in-school digital exams can be found on the College Board’s website. If a decision is not made by the deadline, the student will be taking a Paper Exam.

    Please Click Here for AP Frequently Asked Questions!