LCPS Learning Devices

  • Receiving an LCPS Device 

    All students, grades K - 12, are eligible to receive an individual learning device. On-site, school-based distributions will begin upon the return to school. Detailed information for your school distribution will be sent by your school's administrative leadership team. 

    If your student has previously declined a device or missed the distribution date, they can visit the Digital Experience Specialist's office in the Library.


    Caring for an LCPS Device

    The computer should be plugged into a power source and charged.  Once charged, the computer can be unplugged and powered off.  Please power it on and log in at least once every two weeks, so that it can receive important software updates. 

    When not being used, create a ‘home’ for the computer and charger.  Storing them in the same place means you will always know where they are.  Choose a location with these things in mind:

    • Horizontal on a flat surface (not located where it will be stepped on, sat on, or knocked off)
    • Away from any heat, direct sunlight, and water
    • Not stored in a bag that could be thrown or packed too tightly
    • Far from drinks or food

    You may travel with the computer, remembering that it is LCPS property.  It is your responsibility to keep the computer safe and secure

    Each computer is given to one LCPS student for their schoolwork.  It should not be shared with others.

    Should your computer become broken or you have a technical issue, you can arrange to see the Digital Experience Specialists in their office in the library.


    Returning an LCPS Device 

    When it is time to return a device both the computer and charger are expected to be returned to LCPS at the time of turn-in.  Additionally, students/parents are asked to print and return the Individual Learning Device (ILD) return receipt form prior to turning in their computer equipment.

    If a device or a charger is stolen or lost:

    • For computers: Contact the LCPS Technology Support Center at 571-252-2112 between M-F, 8 AM-5 PM.  Please note that if the computer was stolen, a police report will be required for insurance purposes.   
    • For chargers: You may purchase a replacement charger from here:  Alternatively, you may use the open market to find a replacement so long as the model of the charger is an official Lenovo replacement and not a 3rd party brand.  If you do not return your charger at the time of turn-in, you may be invoiced by the school division.

    If you or your student is transferring to another LCPS school, LCPS assigned devices will transfer too.  If the school uses different kinds of computers (e.g. AET/AOS), the school’s Digital Experience Specialist will replace it as needed when school resumes.  

    When a student unenrolls from LCPS or a staff member leaves district employment, the computer and charger must be returned.  

    You cannot purchase an LCPS device, it MUST be returned. 

    Prior to turning in your student’s computer, you can make a backup copy of their Google account data.  You can export/download this data by using Google Takeout.  Please visit for more information on Google Takeout.


    If you have any other questions about obtaining, caring for, or returning an LCPS device, you can visit our FAQ page or contact technology support at (571) 252-2112.