• Titan Student’s and Parent’s,


    I am pleased to inform you that our LCPS Behind the Wheel program has been reinstated as of 9/21/2020 with mitigation strategies in place to ensure safety for students and instructors. This means that you are now able to complete your 7-day licensure course through Dominion High School. If you wish to register to take BTW at school, please fill out the Dominion Behind the Wheel Intake Form. This can also be found on the DHS Website main page. Please make sure you have also requested your DEC-8 Classroom Completion card from Mr. West as this is required to register for BTW. The link to request is here. Once completed, an instructor will contact you to provide further information about your course. If you have any further questions/concerns, please contact Lance Windish at lance.windish@lcps.org


    Thank you!