• To report attendance to Farmwell Station, you can do one of the following:

    1. Preferred Method: Send an email to fwsattendance@lcps.org.
    2. Call FWS Attendance at 571-252-2322 and leave a message to report absences, tardies, dismissals as well as requests to update the previous days attendance.
    3. Go to ParentVUE to communicate absences, tardies and early dismissals. You will find the 'Report Absences' function in both the mobile app and web version for all your LCPS students. Please review this guide and video demonstration for instructions on how to use this tool to report daily and future attendance.

    When reporting attendance, please provide details, such as: arrival time to class (tardy arrivals), time student will log off (for early dismissals), and school day departure/return times (if away for a portion of the school day). Parents are also encouraged to notify teachers.

    Student attendance will be taken Monday - Friday:

    • Mondays: LCPS will no longer send out a Permission Click form for students to complete by 1pm on Mondays. LCPS will automatically mark all students present on Mondays.
    • Tuesdays - Fridays: Teachers will take attendance in every block.

    LCPS recognizes that a few families may have unique situations that prohibit a child from daily synchronous attendance. The parents/guardians must report these unique situations to school staff and the parent/guardian may request a Temporary Remote Attendance Exception (TRAE) via LCPS Permission Click. Students will only be granted an exception if approved by the school Principal, or designee. Temporary Remote Attendance Exceptions (TRAE) will only be approved for one week and parents/guardians must renew the request weekly using Permission Click.