Bullying Prevention & Education

  • LCPS Bullying Prevention Policy

    Loudoun County Public Schools implements a county-wide bullying prevention program to teach students how to identify bullying behavior and appropriate ways to handle bullying.  Ms. Fleche & Ms. Gerber, our school counselors, implement this program in grades K-5 through whole class counseling lessons, group, and individual counseling.

    Stop, Walk, Talk 

    Every LCPS student is taught how to respond to bullying behavior using a three step program called Stop, Walk, Talk. School counselors incorporate bullying awareness activities into classroom counseling lessons and activities throughout the school year. 
    1. STOP- Students are taught that if they experience or observe bullying behavior, they should tell the perpetrator to "stop."
    2. WALK- Sometimes, even when students tell others to "stop," the problem behavior continues.  When this happens, students are to taught to "walk" away from the problem behavior.
    3. TALK- Even when students say "stop" and they "walk" away from the problem, sometimes the problem behavior still continues.  When that happens, students are taught to "talk" to a trusted adult about what is happening

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Last Modified on September 10, 2020