• How do I create my ParentVUE account?Once you receive the account activation key from LCPS, you can access the ParentVUE Portal and activate your account.

    I did not receive an activation key letter. What should I do?If you do not receive an activation key letter, please contact Donita Hardie or Amy Tobias.

    I forgot my ParentVUE UserId and Password. What do I do?You have the ability to reset your own password using these directions. Please contact Donita Hardie or Amy Tobias for your UserID.

    I see inaccurate information in ParentVUE. What do I do?Log in to ParentVUE and update the information. If you are unable to update on your own, contact Donita Hardie or Amy Tobias.

    How can I get more helpful guides on how to use ParentVUE?Refer to these Quick Reference Guides for more information.

    Who should I contact if I need ParentVUE help?Before reaching out for help, clear your browser history and log back in to ParentVUE. If you continue to have problems, please contact Donita Hardie or Amy Tobias, or contact the LCPS support team at parentvuesupport@lcps.org.