• How do I access Schoology?Log into LCPS GO and enter your username (your student ID) and password. Then click on the Schoology app. Here is a video that gives a tour of the student Schoology homepage and shows students how to navigate from screen to screen, find their courses, identify assignments and other useful tips.

    How do I get into my teachers' virtual classrooms?In Schoology, click on the Courses at the top of the page and students should see all their teacher's virtual classrooms.

    Where will I find the Google Meet links to get into each teacher's class?To join a class, students will click on the Google Meet link located in each teacher's virtual classroom.

    What if LCPS GO isn't working? How can I access Schoology?If LCPS GO is not working, go to https://learn.lcps.org.

    I need help with Schoology. Who should I contact?Please contact your dean or counselor.