• I am new to the county. How do I get a LCPS chromebook?Email FWS-DES@lcps.org, Digital Experience Specialist at FWS.

    I previously declined an LCPS device but have since changed my mind. Can I still get a LCPS chromebook?Yes - email FWS-DES@lcps.org.

    My chromebook or charger is broken. What do I do?Email FWS-DES@lcps.org. In your email, please note "how" the device was broken. If you do not know how it was damaged, warranty claims are denied by the company and the parent may be liable for the repairs.

    My chromebook is lost/stolen. What do I do?Email FWS-DES@lcps.org. Please note that if the computer was stolen, a police report will be required for insurance purposes.   

    My charger is lost/stolen. What do I do?You may purchase a replacement charger from here: https://bit.ly/LCPSTechPurchase. Alternatively, you may use the open market to find a replacement so long as the model of the charger is an official Lenovo replacement and not a 3rd party brand. If you do not return your charger at the time of turn-in, you may be invoiced by the school division.

    I am transferring to another LCPS school. Do I need to return my LCPS chromebook?No, LCPS assigned devices will transfer to your new LCPS school. If the school uses different kinds of computers (e.g. AET/AOS), the school’s Digital Experience Specialist at the new school will replace it as needed.

    I am leaving or unenrolling from LCPS? What should I do with my LCPS chromebook?The LCPS computer and charger must be returned. Please email FWS-DES@lcps.org if you are a Farmwell student.  Students at other LCPS schools may contact the school's Digital Experience Specialist by visiting the school's website or calling the school's main office.

    My LCPS chromebook is not working properly. What do I do?First, clear your browser history and restart the computer. Directions are below:

    • Please close all tabs and only have a blank new one open
    • Go to the 3 vertical dots
    • Click on History
    • Click on History at the top of the pop up Window
    • On the left of the new window, click Clear Browsing Data
    • Choose the Basic tab (or Advanced)
    • Choose All Time
    • Select all options
    • Click Clear Data
    • Sign out of Chrome and shutdown the chromebook
    • If this doesn’t resolve the issue with using the Basic option, go back through the steps and instead of choosing the Basic tab, choose Advanced and repeat everything

    Also make sure that the computer is charged. If you are still having problems, email FWS-DES@lcps.org.