• 2021 Semester 2 Bell Schedule (ABAB)


    To access your Google Meets, log into LCPSGO, select the Schoology app, select the appropriate course, and click the Google Meet link.


    Updated reminders for Semester 2:

    • Mondays remain asynchronous.  There are no formal class meetings but your teacher may ask you to meet for testing, extra help, or make up work.  Beginning January 25th, there will be morning and afternoon opportunities for students to join virtual clubs (more information to come).
    • Tuesdays - Fridays begin in Connect/Advisory at 8:55 AM.  Attendance is required.
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays remain as A days (Blocks 1-4) and Wednesdays and Fridays remain as B days (Blocks 5-8).
    • ALL elective classes, including Resource, continue to be MANDATORY.
    • Art and Intro to Computer Applications are semester courses, so whichever one you took Semester 1 is now done.  Your Semester 2 course will meet during the same block as your Semester 1 course.  This new course should appear in your Schoology Courses, which is where you will find the Google Meet link.
    • 6th graders have English every day.
    • Music and Resource classes split a block.
    • Classes no longer have a dedicated Learning Lab time.
    • Each block has been given 3 minutes for teachers and students to use as a break at some point during the class.
    • Blocks 3 and 7 have class from 12:16-12:58, break for lunch from 12:59-1:29, and return for the remainder of class from 1:30-2:13.


    Recommendations for success during Semester 2:

    • It's a new marking period, so take advantage of the fresh start by making a commitment to yourself, your family, and your teachers to DO YOUR BEST!!!  Grow from your mistakes, take it one class and one day at a time, and know that you have your family, teachers, and school staff here to support you!  YOU'VE GOT THIS!!! :)
    • Have a dedicated work space that is free of clutter and distractions as much as possible (if possible, outside of your bedroom and away from tvs and games).  Keep your school materials at this space, along with water and a snack.  
    • Use a calendar or agenda to keep track of your work and commitments.  If a virtual calendar is too overwhelming, use a paper copy.  Record all your assignments and due dates.
    • Check your grades and school email DAILY.  This practice will enable you to know if you have missing work or need to contact any teachers regarding extra help.
    • Try to keep your camera on as much as possible to pay attention and stay engaged.
    • Unmute and/or use the chat during class to participate and ask questions.  If you have a question, someone else is probably wondering the same thing!
    • If you think of a question outside of class time or feel you need extra help, email your teacher or send him/her a message via Schoology as soon as possible.  They want to help you!  
    • Begin your assignments the day they are assigned so you have ample time to complete them and to ask for help if needed before the next class meeting.
    • If you have questions or need help with anything, including staying organized or how to improve your grades, contact Mrs. Letina.