• 2020-2021 English 10 Honors Syllabus

    Mrs. Kathleen McDermott

    Mr. Lim Peacock

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    Welcome to English 10! This course syllabus will give you a brief overview of the class, materials needed, grading policies, and class rules. We are both excited to have you as studenst and to work with you. This year, we will be studying British literature, developing writing skills, increasing vocabulary, working on oral and group presentations, studying the research process, and practicing grammar. 

    We are looking forward to a wonderful year!



    1. Chromebook and charger
    2. Novel or Relevant Work for Class
    3. Notebook (spiral or composition, your choice!)
    4. Pencils, Pens, and Highlighters
    5. Independent Reading Book of your choice 



    1. Lord of the Flies 
    2. 1984
    3. Othello
    4. And Then There Were None
    5. Other Short Stories, Poems, and Texts provided to you


    - Students’ quarterly grades will be comprised solely of summative assessments. 

    - Summative assessments are assessments that demonstrate mastery of content and standards. 

    - Formative assessments are preparatory assessments that take place during the learning process. These will appear in the gradebook but will not count for a grade.

    - Parent contact will be made after three missing assignments as noted in StudentVUE. 

    - Any student who receives less than a 60% on an assignment will meet with the teacher.

    - If a student demonstrates reasonable effort on an assignment-- reasonable effort is defined as having attempted to correctly complete at least 50% of the work-- then he/she will receive no less than a 50% for that assignment.



    Z - assignment has not been turned in (will average as a zero until turned in) 
    M - student was absent on the day the assignment was due 
    T - assignment has been turned in, but not yet graded 
    X - student is exempt from the assignment



    A+ = 98% - 100%        

    A = 93% - 97%            

    A- = 90% - 92%      

    B+ = 87% - 89%          

    B = 83% - 86%

    B- = 80% - 82%     

    C+ = 77% - 79%

    C= 73% - 76%
    C- = 70% - 72%
    D+ = 67% - 69%
    D = 63% - 66%
    D- = 60% - 62%
    F = 59% and lower



    Retake Policies

    Students may rewrite essays or retake assignments within one week of the date essays are returned, but only may be rewritten if and when previous assignments have been turned in and the steps on the retake form have been completed.  Students are only eligible for a retake or rewrite if they receive an 80% or below on any given major summative assignment.  The maximum grade a student will receive on a retake or rewrite is 80%.

    Students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate mastery on summative writing assignments. 

    • Students may submit work late up to one calendar week of the original due date; for example- if an assignment is due the first Friday in September, it will be accepted no later than the second Friday of September.
    • During the final two weeks of each quarter, late work will not be accepted.

    Additionally, students may qualify for a retake on other summative assignments if the following requirements are met: 


    • All formative assessments have been completed
    • The student must arrange for some form of re-teaching with the teacher (i.e. conference with teacher, making flashcards, etc.) 


                                  Retakes must be completed within SIX school days.



    Work is expected to be completed on time.  

    Students will be allowed a one week grace period to turn in any assignment.  

    For example, if an assignment is due on the first Friday of the month, it will no longer be accepted after the second Friday of the month.  

    Late work will not be accepted during two weeks prior to the end of the quarter.  If not completed by that time, the grade will remain a zero.


    Every student at Potomac Falls now has a laptop, and we embrace responsible-use of technology that provides deeper, more authentic, and more personalized learning experiences for students. Electronic devices, such as cell phones, are to be used to enhance, not replace, teaching and learning. Students are expected to abide by the classroom teacher’s rules and directions when using technology during class. We expect all Panthers to be Ready, Responsible, and Respectful regarding the use of technology and how its use can impact self and others.



    Please remember that plagiarism is the use of someone else’s words and ideas as your own.  Students are expected to uphold academic integrity.

    All students are expected to follow the PFHS Honor Code.  It states: “On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test, quiz, assignment, lab, or any other student-generated work.”

    Unless given permission, all work should be completed individually. Use of the Internet and other resources should not be used for any summative assessment unless given permission by the teacher. Refer to the information on plagiarism and never simply copy and paste another’s words. We will review proper summary and paraphrasing skills in addition to proper citation rules.

    As members of the PFHS school community, we are responsible for upholding and contributing to an atmosphere of respect, truthfulness, and fairness. Our honor code serves as a commitment to intellectual honesty.



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