Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. William Haley

Quarter One Plan

  •  Here is the tentative (and living) quarter one plan, Everything is subject to change based on student needs!


    Building Reading and Writing Workshop

    -The structure of reading and writing workshop

    -Finding a "just right" book

    -The importance of indepdent reading

    -Story elements review: plot, setting, conflict, rising action, falling action, exposition, conclusion, theme


    Reading Unit of Study: A Deep Study of Character

    -Examining a character's multiple character traits

    -Likeable and less likeable character traits

    -Character pressures

    -Character backstory

    -Some traits matter more than others because they affect the entire story

    -How setting influences character

    -How character influences setting

    -Group dynamics, bad apples, and powerful leaders

    -Unit celebration!