• Students are expected to follow all rules and requirements set by LCPS.

    Dr. Loncar's class regulations:

    Dr. Loncar teaches his students to be literate musicians, to be able to read music and communicate music accurately with others, but he primarily teaches his students to be respectful, responsible, and passionate about music.

    NO PHONES ALLOWED - Cell phones and earbuds must be kept in the book bags during class. Consequences for violations:

    1.  Warning and request to put the phone away

    2.  Call to parents

    3.  Discipline write-up

    -progress is expected by all students and it will be made by working

    -you can learn a lot by using the time in the classroom wisely (studying notes, silent practicing)

    -Explanation of grades: A is easy, A+ requires effort (A+=extra effort - attend Guitar Club, play asolo at concert, attend a concert)

    -All written assignments must be written by hand

    -Students can retake their evaluations to improve grades

    -Attend Guitar Club, Mondays 4:25-5:25



Last Modified on September 12, 2023