English 12 Syllabus

  • Period 1: English 12 Academic: Composition and World Literature Syllabus

    Mr. Lim Peacock



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    Course Description

    This course consists of two parts: Composition for the first semester and World Literature for the second semester.  The main goal of Composition is to prepare you for future college courses or whatever your future may bring by learning to write with clarity, correct grammar, and a strong voice. The main goal of World Literature is to explore the ways in which culture shapes our lives through personal stories, literature, and film.


    • Please be respectful and kind toward everyone and everything in the classroom.
    • Please use absolute honesty in all academic matters.
    • Be willing to share ideas orally and in your writing. This class is primarily focused on your ability to think, write, and speak critically. Please bring your curiosity, a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude to every English 12 class.
    • It is your responsibility to get any missed assignments for our class. You are expected to access Schoology for the day's agenda, assignments, and materials if you are absent.

    Contact Information and Office Hours

    I am available for virtual office hours by appointment on Mondays, and during our regularly scheduled Learning Lab after every class period.

    The best way to reach me is at lim.peacock@lcps.org, Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm. I will do my best to ensure that emails received during the work week will be responded to within 24 hours; emails received after hours, on holidays, and during weekends will be responded to on the next business day. Thank you for your understanding.


    Because this class is primarily focused on writing, you will have few, if any, “objective” tests involving matching or multiple choice.  You will be encouraged to think and to write about the world around you, your life, stories, essays, poems, films and songs.  In addition, students will read texts that mirror writing assignments (both fiction and nonfiction).  You will have at least two major writing assignments per quarter and other shorter writings over the course of each quarter. You will complete the majority of your writing assignments in class, so it is imperative that you come to class ready to write on a daily basis. We will use Schoology to post all

    assignments. Please check Schoology and StudentVue/ParentVue for the most up to date information regarding assignments and announcements for our class. 

    Grading Policies

    Students will be completing formative and summative assessments. Formative assessments will consist of in class discussions, writings, and partner work. Summative assessments will consist of writings, presentations, and quizzes.

    Retake Policies

    Students may rewrite essays or retake assignments within one week of the date essays are returned, but only may be rewritten if and when previous assignments have been turned in and the steps on the retake form have been completed.  Students are only eligible for a retake or rewrite if they receive an 80% or below on any given assignment.  The maximum grade a student will receive on a retake or rewrite is 80%.

    Late Work Policy

    • Students may submit work late up to one calendar week of the original due date; for example- if an assignment is due the first Friday in September, it will be accepted no later than the second Friday of September.
    • During the final two weeks of each quarter, late work will not be accepted.

    PFHS Honor Code

    On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test, quiz, assignment, lab, or any other student-generated work.

    Unless given permission, all work should be completed individually. Use of the Internet and other resources should not be used for any summative assessment unless given permission by the teacher. Refer to the information on plagiarism and never simply copy and paste another’s words. We will review proper summary and paraphrasing skills in addition to proper citation rules.

    As members of the PFHS school community, we are responsible for upholding and contributing to an atmosphere of respect, truthfulness, and fairness. Our honor code serves as a commitment to intellectual honesty.



    LCPS Grading Policy

    A+ = 98% - 100%                   C+ = 77% - 79%                     

    A = 93% - 97%                       C = 73% - 76%

    A- = 90% - 92%                      C- = 70% - 72%

    B+ = 87% - 89%                     D+ = 67% - 69%

    B = 83% - 86%                       D = 63% - 66%

    B- = 80% - 82%                      D- = 60% - 62%

                                                   F = 59% and lower

Last Modified on September 1, 2020