• What is Schoology?Loudoun County Public Schools is now using Schoology, an integrated learning management solution that provides one-stop access to everything students need for their learning. Schoology allows students, parents, and teachers to connect and engage, whether learning in school or at a distance. Schoology will be used in all classrooms to ensure that students can access the resources they need for class and provide families the access they need to support their children.

    How do I access Schoology?Follow these directions to access Schoology through ParentVUE. This information is provided in other languages as well:Spanish   Arabic   Urdu   Farsi   Vietnamese

    What will I see once I'm in Schoology?You will have access to your student's teachers' virtual classrooms.

    How do I get mobile access to Schoology?Follow these directions:

    • After downloading and opening the app on your phone, select your student’s school (i.e. Farmwell Station MS).
    • Then you have to choose the option to login through your school.
    • After you select the school name, click the arrow next to the school name NOT ‘continue’.
    • Then choose the option to ‘login through your school’.
    • It prompts for your email address.  

    Who should I contact if I have Schoology questions?Before reaching out for help, try to clear your browser history and retry. Directions are below:

    • Please close all tabs and only have a blank new one open
    • Go to the 3 vertical dots
    • Click on History
    • Click on History at the top of the pop up Window
    • On the left of the new window, click Clear Browsing Data
    • Choose the Basic tab (or Advanced)
    • Choose All Time
    • Select all options
    • Click Clear Data
    • Sign out of Chrome and shutdown the chromebook
    • If this doesn’t resolve the issue with using the Basic option, go back through the steps and instead of choosing the Basic tab, choose Advanced and repeat everything

    If you continue to have problems, please contact your student's dean or counselor.

    Are there other resources for parents to help learn more about Schoology?
    Yes, FWS has prepared a short presentation and videos to help parents navigate Schoology. Parents will be able to gain a closer understanding of how to locate course materials, upcoming and overdue assignments, and grade reports. The presentation also provides tips and strategies to support students' learning at home. Click HERE to view this information.