• What is the Online Verification Process?LCPS is transitioning to reduce paper and to better manage, gather, and maintain the most accurate student data. 

    How can I access the Online Verification?Online Verification is available to existing LCPS families via the Parent Portal. Use the Parent portal login page and use your ParentVUE UserID (your UserID is the email that LCPS has on file for you) and Password to login. If you need help resetting your password, click HERE. If you can't remember your UserID, email Irini McGrath or Cindy Stone.

    Upon logging in, select Online Verification from the Online Process drop down menu. Do not select Online Registration. The Online Verification process will allow you to review and update your contact information, emergency contact details and your student information via multiple screens. Make sure that you complete the verification for all your students.

    Can I complete the Online Verification process on my mobile device?No, the process needs to be completed on a web browser.

    What information will I be able to update?You will be able to update the following information for all students

    • Oral and Written communication Language for parent / guardian
    • Parent/Guardian contact information
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Health Conditions
    • Medications for the student
    • Various permissions for school district including photo / video participation, weather calls, Family-Life education, access to direction information for military recruiters and non-school officials etc.
    • After school dismissal information for elementary students
    • Early dismissal pick up information

    For the rest of the information that you are not able to edit using the Online Verification process, such as home address, student demographic details etc, contact our FWS Registrar, Antoinette Hall.

    What is the deadline to complete this process?September 22, 2023

    How will I know that the verification is complete?A confirmation email will be sent to you.

    I received a red message indicating 'Open Enrollment is not open.' What do I do?Our Registrar will promptly remove the old pre-registration from your account. Please clear your browser history and retry.

    I accidentally started an Online Pre-Registration instead of the Online Verification. What do I do?Existing LCPS families should do the Online Verification. If you started an Online Pre-Registration by mistake, be sure to sign out and back in. Then select 'Start Over.' You will be able to select Online Verification from the drop down menu (please read the options carefully, we have recently re-ordered them to help make this more clear).

    Who should I contact if I have questions?Before reaching out for help, try to clear your browser history and retry. Directions are below:

    • Please close all tabs and only have a blank new one open
    • Go to the 3 vertical dots
    • Click on History
    • Click on History at the top of the pop up Window
    • On the left of the new window, click Clear Browsing Data
    • Choose the Basic tab (or Advanced)
    • Choose All Time
    • Select all options
    • Click Clear Data
    • Sign out of Chrome and shutdown the chromebook
    • If this doesn’t resolve the issue with using the Basic option, go back through the steps and instead of choosing the Basic tab, choose Advanced and repeat everything

    If clearing your browser history does not work and you have questions about your ParentVUE account, please contact Irini McGrath or Cindy Stone. If you have questions about the Online Verification process, email the ParentVUE Support Team.