Reassessment and Late Work Policy

  • Reassessment Practices 

    As per the LCPS grading and assessment policy, any student who receives an 80% or lower on a major assessment, may do a reassessment. The form of the reassessment may vary from the original assessment. Students may request an opportunity to remediate with their teacher before the reassessment.   Retakes are done to ensure mastery of the information. Reassessments  will be done asynchronously.  Reassessments need to be completed within six consecutive school days after the student receives feedback on the original assessment and possible remediation. The assessment grade cannot exceed 80%. The note in the gradebook will indicate the original and reassessment score. 


    Late Work Practices 

    The Social Studies Department recognizes students’ work helps us document learning and forms the basis of our instruction.  All students should turn work in by the designated deadlines. Teachers will consistently communicate deadlines for assignments and assessments. If a student has made a reasonable effort to complete an assessment, a grade no lower than a 50 % will be assigned. If the student demonstrates a pattern of repeated late work or missing work a conference will be called to develop an appropriate intervention which may include assigning a grade of less than a 50%. 

Last Modified on August 27, 2020