• Whether it be in person, via phone, email or virtual, Seldens counselors are available for all students and families. 


    How can we contact the school counselors?

    You can contact via phone or email. You can also email us to request a Google Meet appointment. If you call the school’s main number, leave a message letting us know you’d like for us to call you. Our contact information is as follows:

     Annie Brinker (Grades 1, 4, 5)  annie.brinker@lcps.org         

    Amanda George (Grades K, 2, 3)  amanda.george@lcps.org  

     Seldens Landing Main Office: (571) 252-2260     |     Follow us on Twitter! @SLESCounselors

    How can we contact other members of the Unified Mental Health Team (UMHT)?

    We as school counselors are the first point of contact for initial student concerns. However we closely collaborate and plan for supports with other school-based mental health team members, including our school social worker, Miss Bigdeli, and our school psychologist, Ms. Black. Their contact information is below or you can access all UMHT info using this tab of our website.

     Parisa Bigdeli, School Social Worker  parisa.bigdeli@lcps.org         

    Michelle Black, School Psychologist  michelle.black@lcps.org     

    What services do school counselors offer? 

    Seldens Landing counselors meet with each class from grades Kindergarten through fifth to deliver classroom counseling lessons every other week. Among other duties, counselors will be offering small group and individual counseling sessions. We are, of course, also available for parent consultation. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to speak about a concern or to set up a meeting. 

    Is there a way to refer my student for school counseling services?

    Of course! Click HERE to fill out a Google form referring your student. We understand some referral details may be sensitive. If you would prefer not to enter any information into the Google form, you can always email or call us at the contact information listed above to refer your student instead.

    Is my child in trouble if they met with the school counselor?

    Definitely not! School counselors are not responsible for school discipline. We see students for a variety of reasons, and we receive referrals from teachers, administrators, staff, parents/caretakers, and students themselves. As counselors, we take our responsibility to uphold student confidentiality very seriously. Feel free to reach out to your student’s counselor if you have any questions about the services we offer.

    How will the school counselor know if my student could benefit from additional support during the school day?

    School counselors are in constant contact with teachers and other staff members, and often attend grade level meetings where concerns can be voiced. Students are also encouraged to self-refer if they are struggling or think that they could benefit from speaking with their counselor.