Nine Week Plan

    1st NINE WEEKS

           1.  Leadership skills

           2.  Internet safety issues and procedures

           3.  Personality self-assessment

           4.  Family Life

           5.  Diverse family customs and beliefs

           6.  Personal interests

           7.  Self-concepts with self-efficacy

           8.  Common and unique values across diverse populations


    2nd NINE WEEKS

           1.  Short-term and long-term career goals

           2.  Education and Training Career Cluster

           3.  Application requirements for Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow program

           4.  Explore admission requirements of college programs

           5.  Plan co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

           6.  Reflect on rewards and challenges of a career in teaching


    3rd NINE WEEKS

           1.  Appropriate social skills within the classroom environment

           2.  Effective classroom listening skills

           3.  Preventing and coping with bullying

           4.  Collaborate with team members to achieve a goal

           5.  Differentiated instruction

           6.  Identify learning models


    4th NINE WEEKS

           1.  Roles and responsibilities of teachers

           2.  Components of a teaching philosophy

           3.  Qualities of effective teachers

           4.  Personal organizational skills

           5.  Deliver a microteaching lesson




Last Modified on August 20, 2021