• Parent Information

    Welcome to Sixth Grade Science! Sixth graders will be performing scientific investigations and the understanding the research process.  They will learn and understand the structure and dynamics of Earth and its atmosphere (and beyond), investigate the properties of matter, explore our local watershed structure and energy resources, as well as investigate the water molecule and its properties.

    Course Outcomes:

    As a result of this class, students will know, understand, and be able to do the following:

    1. Plan and conduct investigations using a scientific model.
    2. Design and execute their own experiment using appropriate equipment and measuring techniques.
    3. Report and/or communicate their experimental findings and scientific understanding in an appropriate manner.
    4. Gain an introductory understanding of the concepts and skills related to the following topics:

    Topics of Investigation include:

    • Basic sources of energy
    • The role of solar energy on Earth systems and processes
    • Units of Matter/Periodic Table
    • Properties and characteristics of water
    • Role of water in its natural and human-made environment.
    • Properties of air
    • Structure and dynamics of the Earth’s atmosphere
    • Watershed systems
    • Composition and organization of the solar system
    • History of space exploration

    Grading rationale:

    Grades are based off a total point scale.  

    Formative and Summative assessments will be given.  Formative Grades (F) are not weighted and include activities such as homework, warm-ups, and study guides.  Summative Assessments (S) are weighted and include labs, quizzes/tests, and projects.

    Late Work:  

    Students are encouraged to not wait until the last minute to start assignments.  Mrs. Lemaster follows the late assignment policy as dictated by LCPS Policy 5030 on Grading and Assessment.  A copy of this policy is embeded at the bottom of the page.  Students must make a reasonable effort to complete work on time.


    During Distance Learning, email is the best way to contact Mrs. Lemaster.  Mrs. Lemaster will make all possible effort to respond to emails within 24 hours of receipt.  She finishes her work day at 4pm, but checks her email as soon as she begins her work hours the following morning (between 7 and 8 am).  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to make contact.

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