• Part 1: Student information

    1. Login and ​Select "Update Info"

    Part 1: On "Student Info" screen:

    2. Add the STUDENT'S EMAIL, if desired.

    3. Select PERSONAL INSTRUMENT. Enter:
        - INSTRUMENT TYPE: (e.g.: "SAXOPHONE")
        - BRAND: (Emblem on case)
        - SERIAL NUMBER (stamped on instrument)

    4. IMPORTANT: Click UPDATE (upper right corner). 

    Part 2: Parent Information

    1. Click ADD NEW ADULT button at the bottom of the STUDENT screen:

    2. Enter PARENT INFO:
        - Name
        - Relation
        - EMAIL

    3. Click UPDATE button (upper right corner)

    4. You may repeat this process for any additional adults you would like to add.

Last Modified on August 21, 2020