Resetting Your Charms Password

  • If you are new to the band program (band 6, or moving in), then your password is your student ID number. 

    If you are a returning member, then you most likely changed your password in the past. Please always try your student ID number if your password is not working!


    How to reset your password if you forgot: 

    If the student or adult does not remember their password, they can follow these instructions to reset their password.

    1. Log in to Charm's public portal.
      1. On the Charms home page, click Login.
      2. Select the Parents/Students/Members tab.
      3. Enter your school code and click enter.
    2. For Student Area Password, type 12345678, and click Enter.
    3. Fill in the name, address, and cell phone information and then click Find my Password. 
    TIP: The information entered here needs to match the information we have in Charms.

    A reset link is emailed or texted to address or phone provided.


    Need additional help? Please reach out to us! Mrs. Friend    Mrs. Manning

Last Modified on September 9, 2020