Setup Password Recovery Options

    Students and Staff, this only works, if it is set up. 😊

    What is this?

    Setting up password recovery is a simple process that allows users who have either forgotten their password or are locked out of their account to authenticate with an additional factor and repair the problem, without the delay of asking for help. In simple terms:

    • have you ever received a “code” via text?
    • received an e-mail with a link you may click to reset your password?
    • had to answer questions about the name of your first pet, your oldest sibling’s middle name?

    That is password recovery. It only works if you set it up. There are three options and while we encourage you to set up all three, you only need to set up one. If you do not want to enter your personal cell phone or e-mail address, then simply chose the 3 question option.

    Hint: Do not use your LCPS e-mail. Use your personal e-mail. Make sure the phone number you enter can receive text messages. Complete the verification process for both the phone number and the email

    Additional Password Help DocumentsForgot your password or locked out of your account?

    1. Follow these steps.
    2. You may do this from any location.
    3. If you receive the error message that “no password recovery option was setup for this account” … this means, unfortunately, you did not take the action requested above and you will need to contact the DDI Help Desk for further assistance.
    4. You may reach the DDI Help Desk at 571-252-2112 – Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.
    5. Once you have access to your account, we encourage you to setup password recovery options.
    6. If you’d like to change your password, follow these steps.