• Where and how do I get an instrument for my child?
    Please rent your child's instrument from a local music store! See "Where Do I Shop?"
    Instruments such as french horn, baritone, and tuba will be rented from the school for a fee of $100 for the entire school year. All other instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, percussion) can be rented from a local music store!

    We are having a difficult time financially. What can we do?
    Please know that we understand this might be a tough time financially for many families. Please feel free to reach out to your band directors or the parent liaison, Sam Woodard 

    What does my child need for this school year?
    Please see the tab on the left specific to your child's grade level. Note the following details:

    • rent an instrument from a local music store.
      • Interested in buying an instrument? Please contact your child's band director first!
    • all students need an instrument and required book(s)
    • other supplies are specific to your child's instrument and are listed in the supply lists
Last Modified on January 13, 2021