• Tigers Care Program

    Independence High School, in coordination with our Family Liaison, has established the Tigers Care Program to assist our school community's students in need. Throughout the year, some of our students may need help with items, such as school supplies, coats, shoes, etc. Families may also experience unforeseen, life-changing events and may need our assistance. For some families, these expenses may be a heavy burden. With a large group of Tigers Care members, contributions on an as needed basis can make a significant difference.

    Your help would be requested periodically in such ways as purchasing/donating an item, providing holiday gifts or gift cards, spreading the word on clothing and food drives, or donating a service. When assistance is needed, an email will be sent to the group explaining the need and each member can respond if s/he is able to help at that time. We are committed to 100% confidentiality on behalf of all families. 

    Please consider participating in the Tigers Care Program by clicking on the link below and submitting your contact information. All volunteers will remain anonymous and will be contacted as the need arises.

    Register to Help: Tigers Care Volunteer Form. If you have any questions about the Tigers Care program OR are a family in need, please contact Michelle Carey, Independence High School Family Liaison, at michelle.lewiscarey@lcps.org or 571-293-1078.