• Administrator Resources

  • Synovia School Monitor

    The School Monitor application uses a Comparative Analysis tool to compare the data received from our routing system and the actual data received from the bus GPS data as it travels its routes. It enables you to observe the buses in real time for your school as they arrive at and depart from the schools.

    Find more information is this School Monitor How to Guide

  • Meal Bus Stop Information

    For Meal Delivery information, visit the School Nutrition site.” To “For Walk Up Meal Service at schools information please visit the visit the School Nutrition site.

    For Meal delivery locations please visit the interactive map to identify the nearest meal stop and associated stop time.

  • Principal Monthly Updates

    June 2020 Update

    July 2020 Update

    Not currently reporting beyond July 2020.

  • Information Presented at the ALT 2020 Meeting

    ALT 2020 Presentation Video

    ALT 2020 Presentation Powerpoint


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