• Why Private Lessons? 


    Private lessons are highly encouraged for every student participating in the RBMS orchestra program. Participating in a class setting is a great way to gain basic understanding of your instrument and learning to play in an ensemble.  You are surrounded by students of differing skill levels and can learn more from the experienced participants. But you can only get so far as there are many students in a class at one time and only one teacher. Enter Private lessons.


    Most orchestra students who take advantage of this excellent opportunity progress beyond the norm.  Students build confidence to take more auditons, perform more in public, stay motivated and develop a deeper understanding of their instrument. Private, one-on-one, lessons are designed and intended as an enrichment activity to assist students in their musical progress beyond what is possible in a classroom setting. 


    If you are not currently taking lessons and are committed to musical growth, please contact Ms. Buchko, or use the private teachers' emails below to set up private virtual or in-person lessons. 


    Violin and Viola Instructors:


    Stephanie Knutsen - stephanie.knutsen@gmail.com

    Rebecca Chaney - rchaney.music@gmail.com

    Jennifer Bockstege - jennifer.bockstege@gmail.com

    Cello Instructors:

    Allison Devereux - allison.devereux@me.com

    Somok Yoo - somokyoo@gmail.com


    Bass Instructors:


    Allan Bentkofsky - abentkofsky1@verizon.net

    Naj Qureshi - naj@ottavaimports.com

    Aaron Mynes - info@dayviolins.com


    Music Schools:


    Washington Institute of Music & Arts H.U.G.S Program

    Levine School of Music