• Individual Learning Device Basics

    Is there a document that explains how to get started with an LCPS Individual Learning Device? 

    Yes. You can review the document here

    Is there a guide for parents to better understand the technology and our responsibilities?

    Yes. You can review the latest guide at https://www.lcps.org/Page/235964

  • Receiving an LCPS Device

    Who is eligible to receive an LCPS Individual Learning Device?

    All students, grades PreK - 12, are eligible to receive an individual learning device.  


    Are all staff members eligible to receive an LCPS device?

    No. Eligible staff are issued a device after on-boarding. Please contact the Digital Experience Specialist for your school/office with questions about eligibility. 


    Is there an easier way for my PreK-2 student to log into the LCPS issued device?

    Yes. PreK-2 devices are configured with an optional login method utilizing a simple QR code scan. To print out a student's unique QR code, K-2 students will first need to login to their chromebooks (or a personal computer) with their LPCS email address and password, login to Classlink and follow these instructions.  Once they have printed a quick card, students may login to their Chromebook or Classlink by simply holding up their QR code to the computer's webcam (example here).


    I am new to the district. How will my student be issued a device?

    Digital Experience Specialists at schools are closely monitoring new enrollments with the school's registrars. New to the district students will receive guidance from their teachers when they return to school.   


    I previously declined an LCPS device but have since changed my mind. How will my student be issued a device?

    Families that previously declined a device may update their preference by notifying their teacher and scheduling an appointment with their school's assigned Digital Experience Specialist.


    How do families and staff members participating in Virtual Loudoun receive their device?

    Families participating in Virtual Loudoun that have not yet received a device may contact their school to schedule a time to meet with the school's assigned Digital Experience Specialist to receive a device.

  • Returning an LCPS Device

    What is required when turning in my student’s computer?

    Both the computer and charger are expected to be returned to LCPS at the time of turn-in.  Additionally, students/parents are asked to print and return the Individual Learning Device (ILD) return receipt form prior to turning in their computer equipment.

    What do I do if I am transferring to another LCPS school?

    If you or your student is transferring to another LCPS school, LCPS assigned devices will transfer too.  If the school uses different kinds of computers (e.g. AET/AOS), the school’s Digital Experience Specialist will replace it as needed when school resumes.  

    What should I do if I am leaving or unenrolling from LCPS?

    When a student unenrolls from LCPS or a staff member leaves district employment, the computer and charger must be returned.  Please schedule an appointment with your school's Digital Experience Specialist.  Central Office staff may open an Support Center request to have their equipment reclaimed.

    Can I purchase the student assigned computer from LCPS instead of returning it?

    No, LCPS devices must be returned.

    How can I retrieve my student’s data from their Google account before students leave LCPS?

    Prior to turning in your student’s computer, you can make a backup copy of their Google account data.  You can export/download this data by using Google Takeout.  Please visit https://takeout.google.com/?hl=en for more information on Google Takeout.

    Will students lose their personal stickers when they turn in their computers?

    The collected computers will be repurposed, so please peel off personalized stickers prior to turning in the computer.

    My student’s computer is missing the LCPS inventory stickers, and I don’t know the inventory number.

    Your student’s inventory number (also known as the asset tag) should be visible within ParentVUE.  Additionally, the school's assigned Digital Experience Specialist can look up the inventory number when you turn in the computer.

  • Caring for an LCPS Device

    How often should I charge or turn on my LCPS assigned device?

    The computer should be plugged into a power source and charged.  Once charged, the computer can be unplugged and powered off.  Please power it on and log in at least once every two weeks, so that it can receive important software updates.  

    How should an LCPS assigned device be stored when not in use?

    When not being used, create a ‘home’ for the computer and charger.  Storing them in the same place means you will always know where they are.  Choose a location with these things in mind:

    • Horizontal on a flat surface (not located where it will be stepped on, sat on, or knocked off)
    • Away from any heat, direct sunlight, and water
    • Not stored in a bag that could be thrown or packed too tightly
    • Far from drinks or food

    Are students or staff permitted to travel with their LCPS assigned device?

    You may travel with the computer, remembering that it is LCPS property.  It is your responsibility to keep the computer safe and secure.  

    Should LCPS provided devices be shared with others?

    Each computer is given to one LCPS student for their schoolwork.  It should not be shared with others.

    My computer or charger is broken.  What do I do?

    Accidents happen.  If a student's device is damaged, they may ask their teacher to schedule time with the school's Digital Experience Specialist to have their device or charger repaired.  Devices have a limited warranty that covers most accidents, but does not cover negligent or accidental claims.  In order to submit a device for repair, the student must explain how it occurred (e.g. I dropped the device while walking to class).  Without the explaination of "how" damage occurred, a claim will not be approved and the family may be liable for the repair costs.

    My student/staff computer or charger was lost/stolen.  What do I do?

    • For computers: Contact the school's assigned Digital Experience Specialist.  They will assist with submitting a property damage claim and remotely locking your device. 
    • For chargers: You may purchase a replacement charger from here: https://bit.ly/LCPSTechPurchase.  Alternatively, you may use the open market to find a replacement so long as the model of the charger is an official Lenovo replacement and not a 3rd party brand.  If you do not return your charger at the time of turn-in, you may be invoiced by the school division.

  • How to Obtain Technology Support

    How do I receive support/information on how to access or utilize instructional tools and resources?

    Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to reach out to their respective teachers when questions arise with how to use the chromebook or access instructional resources.  

    How do I receive technical support for my assigned device?

    Students may receive technical support by requesting assistance from their teacher and visiting their school's assigned Digital Experience Specialist. 

    Staff may also receive technical support by visiting their building's Digital Experience Specialist, but additionally, may use one of the following methods:

    • Email your question to supportcenter@lcps.org (from your LCPS provided email)
    • Call the Technology Support Center at (571) 252-2112, Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM

  • Quick Card Tutorials (PreK- 2nd Grade Only)

    Where can I find instructions for how to use the quick card and login?

    Instructions for how to login utilizing the quick card can be found here.

    I have a student who has lost their quick card, how can we obtain another?

    Instructions on how to print a quick card at home can be found here. Alternatively, you may contact your teacher and ask that one be printed for you at school.

    How do teachers print quick cards for students?

    Instructions for teachers to print quick cards can be found here. Only users with LCPS credentials have access to view this file. 

Last Modified on July 18, 2023