The Mission of the Sugarland Elementary Counseling Program is to provide a quantifiable, comprehensive, developmental counseling curriculum, addressing the individual academic, career, and personal/social development of all students. In a global environment, we expect all students to be productive members of the community, and to that end, the Sugarland Elementary Counseling program will identify and remediate barriers to learning, thereby creating success for all students.

    The vision of the Sugarland Elementary School Counseling Program is based upon the following beliefs:

    • All students are unique.
    • All students have the potential to achieve academic success and become respectful and responsible citizens.
    • All students deserve a safe environment that embraces and celebrates their diversity.
    • The needs of all students will be addressed in an equitable manner by providing school counseling lessons to every classroom.
    • All students have the right to be served by the school counseling program.
    • Lessons will be preventative in nature to provide strategies and coping skills to promote and support students’ success now and in the future.
    • Lessons are aligned with the ASCA Student Standard and the Virginia Standards for School Counseling Programs.
    • School Counselors will use data in a collaborative effort to design, implement, assess, and continuously improve the comprehensive school counseling program.
    • School Counselors will serve as advocates for all students and their families.
    • School Counselors will collaborate with stakeholders such as; teachers, administrators, parents, and community members to assist student development and achievement.
    • School Counselors will abide by ASCA’s school counseling ethics.



Last Modified on July 21, 2020