Welcome Center Counseling Team

  • The Welcome Center Counseling Team helps new students make a smooth transition in our school system by gathering their educational history, providing a clear and consistent evaluation of international transcripts, to make appropriate program and course placement recommendations.

What will you discuss with your counselor?

    • Your student's academic career and goals:
      • Previous school enrollment and experiences
      • Academic interests, preferences, and career goals
      • LCPS graduation requirements and program options
      • International Transcript evaluation
      • Grade placement
    • Your student's social history:
      • Hobbies and extracurricular interests
      • Family and home experience

    Your Welcome Center counselor will connect you with your student's home school counselor, who, in collaboration with other members of the school's counseling office, will provide a comprehensive counseling program that attends to the personal/social, academic, and career preparation/college planning needs of all students. Services include, but are not limited to:

    • Academic guidance and planning
    • Course scheduling
    • Mental, emotional, social, developmental, and behavioral services
    • School crisis intervention and responsive services
    • Special education services, including serving as an integral member of a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
    • Career awareness, exploration, and planning services
  • Remember to bring your students' transcripts/report cards to your appointment.

    You can also email them to the Welcome Center Counselors before your appointment.

Last Modified on November 14, 2023