• The pictures below link to activities and games that you can explore to attempt your first coding experience. Watch the tutorial videos and read the instructions carefully. Ask a teacher or parent if you have any questions or get stuck on something.

     Angry Birds    Candy Quest    Kodable    Moana    Puppy Adventure  
     Angry Birds  Candy Quest  Kodable  Moana  Puppy Adventure
    More Challenging... 

     Art   Artist   Beats    Disney  
     Animation    Art  Artist  Beats  Disney Infinity
     Fashion    Flappy Bird    Frozen    Minecraft    Play Lab
     Fashion  Flappy Bird  Frozen  Minecraft  Play Lab
     Star Wars        
     Robots  Star Wars      


    More activities are available HERE. You can filter by grade level, topic, length, and beginning vs. more comfortable users.

Last Modified on June 17, 2022