• Reading Fundamentals



    Ball's Bluff follows Loudoun County's vision for elementary literacy: to provide every student with high-quality, evidence-based literacy instruction necessary to become life-long readers, writers, and communicators, while maintaining our uncompromising dedication to deeper learning as outlined in the LCPS Profile of a Graduate. Using a structured literacy model, we emphasize explicit and systematic instruction and include foundational and higher-level literacy skills.

    Reading Specialists help students learn the Essential Components of Reading as mandated by the state of Virginia.  Small group instruction helps us differentiate according to the needs of the student.  Collaboration and planning with classroom teachers allows us to support their classroom instruction in small groups. 

    Reading Specialists also support classroom teachers in assessing students’ reading skills using formal assessments such as PALS (Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening).  If needed, we also help teachers analyze and interpret the data to provide meaningful instruction.  It is our hope that the work we do helps each student become a successful, lifelong learner.

Last Modified on June 22, 2023