Mindfulness Resources

  • calm

    Free content related to using meditation to address stress and anxiety during social distancing.

  • go noodle

    Free mindfulness activities for the whole family.

  • smiling ming

    Free app to practice daily meditation and mindfulness. 

  • mind yeti

    Library of research-based guided mindfulness sessions that help kids and their adults calm their minds, focus their attention and connect to the world around them (en Español).

  • headspace

    Free meditation resources on their app; see “Weathering the Storm” section for COVID-19 support. 

  • stop breathe think

    Free, brief meditation activities tailored to your current emotions. 

  • psychology today

    3 reasons to meditate in the battle against coronavirus.

  • cosmic kids

    Yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation designed specially for kids aged 3+, used in schools and homes all over the world. 

  • mindful schools

    Mindfulness activities for students.

  • discover gratitude

    Join Mayo Clinic Health System for a four-week, self-guided virtual program to help you improve your mental well-being through daily journaling. 

  • MHA

    Techniques for staying in the moment and being mindful.

  • child mind

    Tips for calming anxiety during COVID-19.