Sources of Strength

  • Gratitude Journal

    Did you know that naming three new things you are grateful for each day for 21 days can literally change your brain chemistry? Noticing and reflecting on things we are thankful for can train our minds to focus on the good happening around us! Here is a simple gratitude journal. You might want to ask a friend to do this with you. Maybe your whole office might do this as they work remotely, or your family could start or end your day with a thankful reflection. Notice if you grow in gratitude over this time! 

  • Tangled Ball of Emotion

    Another resource to use as an emotion check-in, especially if you enjoy coloring. Use this to help you identify emotions you may be feeling right now, as well as emotions you may not have felt in a while.

  • Self-Care Card

    Self-care means paying attention to and supporting your physical and mental health, but in times of stress, it can be one of the first things to fall by the wayside. Use this simple self-care card to reflect upon and help organize your Sources of Strength.

  • Emotion Check-In

    If you're seeking to change how you're feeling, it can be helpful to first identify how you're feeling right now. 

  • Sources of Strength Board Game

    Building your own board game is a fun and safe way to explore your own strengths and encourage your family, friends, and community to do the same! Try out this templated version, where each square is related to a different strength on the wheel OR feel free to create your own version.

  • Strength Check-In

    A great tool if you would like to color and check in with your Sources of Strength: you can use this to identify activities you're already doing to practice your strengths, think about activities you haven't done yet but would like to try, and even add in some of your own.