• Office of Culturally Responsive Instruction

    Cynthia Lewis, Supervisor
    Jessica Heitfield, Specialist
    Everette Callaway, Instructional Facilitator
    Laura Freeman, Instructional Facilitator
    Michelle Frosina, Instructional Facilitator

  • The office of Culturally Responsive Instruction offers teachers and administrators guidance and training to provide our students a Welcoming, Inclusive and Affirming Environment, Inclusive Curriculum and Assessment, and Engagement and Challenge Through Deeper Learning. These are the components of the LCPS Culturally Responsive Framework, a guiding document for the work we do. Training helps staff understand and implement equity in the school setting, culturally responsive instruction, and provides staff with resources and information to increase racial and cultural literacy. Finally, our goal is that LCPS staff understand how to use their role to positively impact equity and inclusion for all LCPS students.