• Naval Acdemy Admission Process

    We appreciate your interest in attending the United States Naval Academy, USNA.  I am your assigned USNA Blue and Gold Officer (BGO) and am here to help you through the Naval Academy‘s admissions process.  If you applied for NROTC and are not interested in the Naval Academy, please disregard this email.

    We are living through a difficult time dealing with COVID-19.  Accommodating the limits of social interaction requires planning, preparedness and initiative, all traits we look for in candidates and develop while you are at USNA. Your high schools’ and USNA’s facilities are closed so your teachers and guidance staff and the USNA admissions staff are all teleworking.  The normal process to submit your USNA application may be adjusted and timing may change.  You will also need to stay apprised of your school’s plans and act accordingly.   

    The first adjustment to the process has been our ability to field new candidate management software.  Consequently, we have been a little late contacting you.  We apologize but we are now here and accessible.

    As much as possible, you should begin your USNA application now and complete it as early as possible.    The USNA Admissions Board normally begins reviewing completed applications in August. Will it start in August this year?  Will the Board meet on line?  We do not know but we do know you need to be ready when they are. 

     I encourage you to review the online catalogue, especially the Class Profile.  This will give you an idea of what is required to get an appointment.  You can find it at www.usna.edu/Admissions .   I also suggest you to look at two other commissioning sources for the Navy: NROTC ( www.nrotc.navy.mil/apply.html ) and U.S. Merchant Marine Academy ( www.usmma.edu ) 

    At this point, you should review the nomination application requirements for your congressional Representative (www.house.gov ), and two Senators (www.senate.gov ).   Your Representative’s deadline is likely sometime in October, but the deadline for Senators Kaine and Warner is late September. You should also apply for the Vice Presidential nomination   (www.usna.edu/Admissions/Apply/Vice-President-of-the-US.php ).  You should get all of this completed over the summer.   

    If your parent(s) are Active, Retired or Reserve military you may also apply for a Presidential Nomination. Please see www.usna.edu/Admissions/Apply/Presidential-Nomination.php.   I still encourage you to apply for congressional nominations since they have priority in selecting candidates for appointment from the alternate pool.

    Expediting your application to USNA is important during normal occasions.  In the current COVID-19 environment, Initiative and being proactive are even more important.  Here are a few quick reminders:

    ·       Applications must be completed by 31 Jan.  However, we prefer you finish ASAP and preferably by 1 Dec. 

    ·       By the time your Application is 50% complete, you and I should be scheduling your BGO interview. The Interview should be done before your application is 100% complete.

    ·       When your application is 50% complete, you will also be scheduled for a physical by the Dept of Defense Medical Evaluation Review Board (DODMERB).  Your medical information is private and handled by DODMERB in a confidential manner.  It is not shared with me. 

    ·       You should contact your Guidance Counselor ASAP, concerning their ability to forward your transcript and other required forms. If possible, this summer. 

    ·       You should contact your 11th grade math and English teachers immediately, on email, and send their email addresses to Admissions on the Candidate Information System (CIS). The teachers will be contacted and asked to complete the online teacher reference questionnaire.  Since this is all electronic it should be completed this summer. 

    ·       SAT/ACT tests appear to be canceled for the immediate future.  We don’t know what SAT/ACT plans for the fall but suggest you sign up for multiple SAT and ACT tests.  Your admissions package will contain a composite of the best Math and Verbal scores.  We do not use the SAT Essay. We will even mix and match ACT and SAT.  I encourage you to take both.  Some people do appreciably better on the ACT.  I also encourage you to expand your SAT/ACT preparation by working problems from tests books or online.   

    As an official candidate, don’t forget to use the Candidate Information System (CIS).  You were provided a Password when you were informed of your official candidate status.  You can check the status of your application and use the CIS to submit the names of your Guidance Counselor, Math and English Teachers and the person administering your Candidate Fitness Assessment test. 

    I would appreciate your providing your cell phone number back via email.  The number submitted in the Preliminary Application is often a home phone.  Frequently, firewalls interfere in our ability to communicate with each other by email.  Having your cell phone number will allow me to text you, if necessary.

    If you or your parents have any specific questions after reviewing the Academy’s website, please let me know.