• Dear AP Test Takers,

    The new format of the AP exam makes testing possible for our students. We have noticed, however, in the first few days of testing that there are a number of technical difficulties that are causing frustration, headaches, and uncertainty. While we have very little control over the exams themselves, we want to share best practices to prevent further frustration.

    The best preparation for taking your AP Exam is to demo on any/all devices you think you’ll take the exam on, so you can identify and resolve any technical problems with your device(s) and browser before exam day. The demo experience can be found at this website https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students/taking-ap-exams/exam-day-experience . We have found many students will demo the test experience on their phones, but run into issues when they attempt to test on a laptop or Chromebook.

    Remember to check-in 30 minutes before the exam. The AP Exam platform is most compatible with Chrome. It is compatible with most internet platforms but not Microsoft Explorer.

    Some students testing on Chromebooks have found difficulty downloading their test ticket, particularly if emailed to a personal email address. You will not be able to forward the test ticket to your LCPS account. If you signed up for the exam using a personal email address, you will need to make arrangements to download the ticket on another device.

    Students can choose to write out responses on paper, take a photo, and upload the response. Students have found that the default setting on some cameras is not compatible with the portal. Photos must be a .png, .jpg, .jpeg. Please, be sure to adjust and test the camera in a compatible format.

    Students may consider typing their responses. It is strongly advised that students type out responses in Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or a text app. I suggest students create a word document with their initials and AP ID# in the top corner and to save it in a place where they know they can easily access it. Apple products sometimes default to saving text in .pages format, which is not compatible with the Assessment Portal. You may also choose to copy and paste the text into a box in the testing portal.

    Foreign Language students MUST download the app the AP World Language Exam App. This can be downloaded on a personal device. LCPS does not have enough information to properly support this app on school-issued devices.

    If you run into technical difficulties before or during the assessment, reschedule the exam go to cb.org/requestmakeup.

    Again, the best preparation for the testing experience is to demo the environment on the device you intend to use well before the actual exam.  Unfortunately, our families have had long wait times to get support from the College Board. Troubleshooting problems during the test window is problematic.

    We hope everyone has success on the AP exams. Please, take a few minutes to prepare for your upcoming exam. 

    Dave Edwards