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    Prior to the start of each school year, an attendance report provides the administration with a list of students with poor attendance histories and excessive absenteeism.  Any student not possessing at least 93% (excused or unexcused) attendance history during the school year will be required to provide a physician's note UNLESS EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES EXIST.  Students with excessive early dismissals and/or excessive tardiness to school will also be required to provide a physician's excuse.
    The absence list is monitored daily to track students with poor attendance and/or students required to provide a doctor's note with each absence.  Attendance letters will be filed and forwarded to the administration and the Loudoun County Attendance Officer.  If all other strategies fail and poor attendance continues, LCPS Attendance Officer will pursue legal action.  Parents' failure to enforce their child's attendance in school is a Class B misdemeanor.
    In order to participate in an athletic activity or practice on any given day, athletes and managers must report to school by 9:15 a.m. and MUST REMAIN IN SCHOOL THE ENTIRE DAY. Exceptions may be made when a doctor's or dentist's note is provided stating that the athlete has been seen. 
Last Modified on September 23, 2014