Distance Learning 2020

  • 1. Where do students find assignments?  

    Students can find assignments in Google Classroom. Every Monday morning, I will post a weekly hyperdoc that outlines the specific Edmentum assignments that students should complete each week.  I will also add supplementary assignments for those who may want enrichment activities. 

    2. When are Google Meets (synchronous learning)?

    Google Meets will take place every Wednesday at the scheduled time listed below. 

    1st block - 9:15 am

    3rd block - 10:45 am

    4th block - 11:30 am

    6th block - 1:30 pm

    8th block - 3:00 pm 

    3. How will Ms. Trickett post the link to Google Meet and when will it appear? 

    The link to join the Meet will be posted in Google Classroom and will appear about 5 minutes before the start time.  You can find the link underneath the class name:  

    Meet Link Location

    4. Where will Ms. Trickett post the Meet recording?

    Recordings of Google Meets will be posted in Google Classroom.


    5. How will students earn the grade bump for work done in the 4th quarter?

    There are three options that LCPS is offering for you to pass the class.  Use this  What's My Grade? calculator to determine your final grade. You will earn the best grade of the three options. Of course, your work in 4th quarter could improve your final grade (but cannot hurt your final grade). If you want to improve (or bump) your final grade:

    You need to demonstrate mastery in the 4th quarter, earning an 80% or higher for the “Course Grade” in Edmentum for our assigned unit. 

    If you’re trying to improve a final grade that was initially higher than 80%, you will need to earn an Edmentum “Course Grade” higher than your final grade as calculated on May 1.


Last Modified on May 5, 2020