• The Unified Mental Health Team (UMHT) is responsible for providing a continuum of prevention and intervention supports and services to address the social, emotional, and behavioral needs of students and to remove barriers to learning in the school environment.  

    What does that mean?
    We help provide students with the non-academic skills and tools they need to succeed in school.

    The UMHT meets monthly to discuss and implement school-wide prevention and intervention efforts.  This could include conversations about Tier 1 (universal), Tier 2 (targeted), or Tier 3 (intensive) interventions at each meeting.  

    The members of the UMHT include:

    School Counselors:

    • Lisa Handy (6th grade)
    • Judith Slowey-Brown (7th grade)
    • Jessica Joseph (8th grade)
    • Brianne Foster (Cross Grade Level)

    School Psychologist

    • Shelby Allen

    School Social Worker

    • Amy Damele

    Student Assistant Specialist

    • Kim Hager

    School Nurse:

    • Maureen Newton


    • Jesse Encapera

    Parent Liaison:

    • Lisa Figueroa


    Email us: Trailside UMHT Email


    For more information on the members of the roles of the members of the UMHT, as well as other general mental health information, please use this resource: School-Based Mental Health Services and Community Partners

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