• Spring Break Activities!  For April 6 - 10


    Dear Parents,


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    Thank you for your patience as LCPS continues to roll out the educational plans for this year.  I wanted to update you on several important pieces of information.  We had a staff meeting this morning and Mrs. Edwards gave guidance to us and clarified many of these pieces.  I will do my best to explain it to you!


    MANY of the students did a marvelous job of working through the list of activities this week.  What great time management skills they demonstrated.  Your support of this process is wonderful.  I am so grateful.


    1. Spring Break – since next week was a scheduled break, “Therefore, distance learning opportunities are not scheduled from Monday, April 6, to Friday, April 10, the week that was designated as Spring Break on the academic calendar.” 
      • Edwards will be sending out a list of fun activities for the students that have been created by our specialists, such as virtual field trips and activities. This list will be helpful for you if you would like to keep them on a schedule during this week.
      • 4th grade will also send out a general list of activities to do for the same reason.


    1. Office Hours – LCPS is asking us to create Office Hours each week to be open and available to explain/clarify information to you (the parent).


    1. Week of April 13th –
      • I will be uploading lessons for Monday and Tuesday as we teachers are engaged in Professional Development.
      • Beginning April 15th, we may begin offering online instruction and teaching new material. We will learn how we are going to do that during those Professional Development sessions. 
      • I will send out information on that Tuesday to share a summary of what we have learned.


    1. Report Cards:
      • We will be generating 3rd quarter report cards. The grades will be based on the data from the beginning of the 3rd quarter (January 21st) through March 11th.  We will note when curriculum areas have been introduced and/or taught, but not fully assessed.
      • 4th quarter report cards will be done differently. All data will be “formative” rather than “summative”.  As a result, you will receive “feedback” rather than an actual grade.  In other words, if a student performed well on a lesson and I scored it a 3.5 or 4, it would show you that score, but not as an official grade.
      • The “End of the Year” grade can calculate without 4th quarter grades.


Last Modified on April 3, 2020