Superintendent’s Update for April 1, 2020

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    April 1, 2020

    Dear LCPS Families and Staff Members: 

    Loudoun County Public Schools continues to refine our plans for the continuity of education of all LCPS students, community care and meeting the evolving needs of students, families and staff members. Following is the latest information on these and other topics. 

    Continuity of Education

    At the March 31 School Board meeting, LCPS Assistant Superintendent for Instruction Dr. Ashley Ellis presented the LCPS Distance Learning Plan for the COVID-19 School Closure. Key elements of the plan, which is available for review on the Continuity of Education website, include the process and deadlines for students to make up missing work for the third academic quarter; delivery of new instructional content beginning on April 15; grading practices for the third and fourth quarters; additional supports for English learners and students with disabilities; and roles and responsibilities for school administrators, teachers and families. 

    Quarter 3 Grades and Make Up Work

    The last day of Quarter 3 will be considered to be March 11, which was the last day of school prior to the closure. Elementary Quarter 3 report cards will be based on student progress through March 11. Elementary Quarter 3 grades will be finalized by April 24. Quarter 3 grades for middle and high school students will be determined based on work completed through March 11. Teachers will provide opportunities for students to make up missing work and assign a grade to that missing work. Secondary students have until April 17 to turn in missing assignments or to complete reassessments, and teachers will enter Quarter 3 grades into the gradebook and complete the grade reporting process by April 24. 

    April 6 to April 10

    Although schools are closed for the year, continuity of education will be provided on days designated as student days on the adopted LCPS academic calendar for 2019-2020. Therefore, distance learning opportunities are not scheduled from Monday, April 6, to Friday, April 10, the week that was designated as Spring Break on the academic calendar.  

    April 13 and 14

    Teachers will be engaged in professional development and planning on April 13 and 14. Students will continue to use the learning activities provided by teachers on those days and will begin new instruction on Wednesday, April 15. 

    Meals Program During Spring Break

    The LCPS meals service will continue to provide breakfasts and lunches for students throughout the week that was designated as Spring Break on the LCPS 2019-2020 academic calendar (April 6-April 10). From Monday, April 6, through Wednesday, April 8, the meal service at the schools and those delivered via school bus will continue on the current schedule. Meals for Thursday, April 9, and Friday, April 10, will be made available on Wednesday, April 8, during the regular meal program at schools and on buses. Please visit the interactive map to identify the nearest bus stop for mobile service; the list of schools where meals are being provided is also available online. 

    Refund Requests

    Due to the cancellation of activities and events, families and organizations may request a refund as identified below.  There are three types of refunds that you may request (Student Meals, Facility Rentals, and All Other), see below.

    Student Meals Refunds

    Refund requests for meal payments can be made via the LCPS website using the Meals link along the lower shortcut bar then selecting Payment Options.

    • From the toolbar on the bottom, click on MEALS
    • Select Payment Options from the Red tile bar
    • Scroll down to ‘Need a Refund?’ (see example below)


    Payments made to a student’s account will roll over to the next school year. 
    Due to the volume of requests, please allow up to 30 - 60 days for receipt of your refund. 

    Facility Rentals Refunds

    Refund requests for facility rentals can be submitted by email to 
    Due to the volume of requests, please allow up to 30 - 60 days for receipt of your refund. 

    All Other Refunds

    Processes are being fine-tuned to efficiently process all other types of refunds and more information will be provided soon. 

    In closing, I’d like to acknowledge and appreciate the continuing support, enthusiasm, flexibility and resilience that LCPS families are demonstrating day after day as our community works through the challenges presented by COVID-19. Media, social and otherwise, are full of great stories about individuals and groups rising up in support of friends and neighbors as each confronts their own unique circumstances. It is heartwarming to see the generosity and kindness that community members are demonstrating to one another, and I take great pride in being a part of a community that cares as much as Loudoun County obviously does. I encourage you to please continue implementing the preventive measures that health and government authorities recommend to protect yourself, your family and the community as much as possible, and I thank you for the community caring you are demonstrating. 


    Eric Williams, Ed.D

Last Modified on April 3, 2020